Nonslip Hall Rug
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk
Kaydırmaz Yolluk

Nonslip Hall Rug (HKPRUY24_bb4aa0)

Discount Rate : %5 Discount
Price : $10.58(Vat included)
Discounted : $10.05(Vat included)

Nonslip Hall Rug


(1 Yard = 0.91 meter)-(1 Inch = 2.54 cm)-(1 lb = 0.45 kg)

1-) Please select the Color and Size that you wish to order above.
2-)  Our Hall Rug Products have the measurements of 

(75 Cm (Width) x 150 Cm (Length)) ,  
(75 Cm (Width) x 200 Cm (Length) ), 
(75 Cm (Width) x 250 Cm (Length) ), 
(75 Cm (Width) x 300 Cm (Length) ), 
(75 Cm (Width)x (Desired Length) ).
(You can increase the number of the hall rugs that you requested by using the Number Tab or the length by contacting us.)

3-)  Our hall rugs are high quality and 1st class and have colorful upper and bottom soles, and they are the best grade of nonslip PVC-soled hall rugs.
4-) Our hall rugs (Phthalate Free) do not contain heavy metals and phthalates that are harmful to human health.
5-) The nonslip spots of our products do not shed with time, unlike their market equivalent nonslip products with dotted bottoms; and they do not lose their nonslip properties. They are Durable products.
6-) The top fabric surface of our products can be easily cleaned as they are short-haired and can be easily washed at 40°C.
7-) It ensures comfortable use with its orthopedic puffy soft structure.
8-) The upper and bottom colors are harmonious and it has Overlock stitches on all four corners.
9-) Our products are shipped as Rolls.
10-) The packaging of your orders is nicely performed by our professional staff.

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