Leaf-Patterned Fence Strip 600 gr/m²
Leaf-Patterned Fence Strip 600 gr/m²
Yaprak Desenli Çit Şerit 600 gr/m²
Yaprak Desenli Çit Şerit 600 gr/m²

Leaf-Patterned Fence Strip 600 gr/m² (CGJNPXZ8_5bf9f0)

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Price : $1.68(Vat included)
Discounted : $1.58(Vat included)

Leaf-Patterned Fence Strip 600 gr/m²


(1 Yard = 0.91 meter)-(1 Inch = 2.54 cm)-(1 lb = 0.45 kg)

1-) Please select the Width and Meter Amount that you wish to order above.
2-) The minimum order amount is 2 meters. You can increase the meters by increasing the Numbers Tab. 1 Piece = 1 Meter.
3-)  Our decorative leaf-patterned fabrics are of high quality and Registered 1st Class PVC fabrics.
4-) Two eyelets are nailed for all 2 head sides of our decorative leaf-patterned PVC Fabrics. 
4.1-)  Also you can buy without eyelets. Decorative leaf-patterned PVC Fabrics also have transparent clamp pieces which are set up easily for 2 head parts. If you need installation with transparent clamp pieces, you can forward your request to our corporate whatsapp line your request after you order.
5-) Our leaf-patterned sized PVC coated fabrics are High Strength (Resistance) fabrics woven from a polyester thread. Our fabrics are WATERPROOF, UV RESISTANT, DURABLE, BLACKOUT (LIGHT-PROOF), COMPATIBLE WITH NATURE, STRONG, and RESISTANT TO AN AMBIENT AIR TEMPERATURE OF +70 to -30°C.

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