Welcome to VIENTEX International !


We are rightfully proud to offer the best service, quality, and product selections to all of its consumers with our history in the Industrial Technical Textile sector for over 60 years 
VIENTEX continues to grow, expanding its market network every day.

Attaching importance to Research and Development studies, our Group presents and shares its infrastructure, core competencies and knowledge by developing products in the direction of demands of users in the market. Offering its products with the VIENTEX brand in the domestic and international market. Our group companies have the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Certificate and also our products have the Turkish Standards Institution quality certificate.

Our Group has the capacity to produce Pu/Pvc artificial leather and Pvc coated technical textiles with the finishing and R&D units such as weaving, coating, transfer coating, printing, emboss, stenter etc…

Vientex International